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   Objective of The Trust

» To establish and run an educational institution at Ashok Vihar, Delhi for the benefit of the public.
» To promote, spread and impart all aspects of education.
    To construct and run schools, colleges, and educational institutions for the benefit of the public.
» To provide grants, scholarships, fellowships and other forms of financial assistance to the needy and deserving students for pursuing education, vocational training, skill development etc.
» To grant financial assistance to any educational institution for granting scholarships, prizes, medals, awards for excellence in studies, sports and scientific research, distribution of books and note books for poor and or deserving students.
» To provide necessary facilities or to contribute to educational and scientific research development in any place as the trust finds deemed fit.
» To carry out any activities with the intention of service but not of any profit making.
» To print , publish, purchase, sell, circulate, distribute or exhibit either free or for a price - books, periodicals, journals, booklets, bulletins, calendars, message-cards, other literature, films, documentaries,records, paintings and photographs which will assist or promote the objects of the Trust.
» To purchase, sell or otherwise distribute materials and services in the furtherance of the objectives of the Trust.
» To organize and run residential educational programme.
» To establish Training Centre and allied educational institutions.
» To organize and run schools/colleges under the affiliation and recognition of CBSE, and / or other Central, State Board, Universities, Government and non-governmental agencies within India.
» Raise funds through donations and contributions to support all the above activities, and setting up appropriate management structure,including subsidiary units as necessary.
» Create assets and transport facilities to accommodate any of the above activities.